Snap’s Mini Apps Are Now Live

Snapchat users are now able to meditate with Headspace, study together with Flashcards, make a group decision and do much more with Snap’s new bite-sized mini apps.

Snapchat’s bite-sized apps called Snap Minis are now available to users enabling them to perform many functions together with their friends without having to leave Snapchat.

Currently, Headspace, Flashcards, Prediction Master and Let’s Do It are available to Snapchat users. Other mini apps including Coachella, Atom and Saturn will be launched soon.

Minis make it easy for Snapchatters to share experiences with friends. Whether it’s planning a movie night, making a deck of flashcards, or coordinating which artists to see at Coachella, Minis can bring friends together for just about anything.

Source: Snap Minis

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Written by Maya Robertson


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