Pokemon Go Maker Niantic Launches Global 5G AR Alliance

Pokémon Go-maker Niantic announced that  it’s collaborating with some of the top mobile network operators in the world including Verizon, SoftBank, Orange, EE, SKT, Deutsche Telekom, Globe and Telus.

The US-based software company launched a global 5G AR (Augmented Reality) alliance dubbed Niantic Planet-Scale AR Alliance to boost mobile gaming experience and to give ‘’people entirely new ways to interact with the world’’, with 20 times higher bandwidth and 10 times faster, lower latency than 4G offers.

‘’By merging advanced AR technology with the mobile industry’s 5G networks, Niantic and member companies are setting the foundations for a new paradigm of mobile experiences.’’ the company wrote about the alliance.

Niantic also said that this could significantly improve mobile gaming experiences. 

“There are many advantages to players with 5G-ready AR content including sub-millisecond low latency, and high bandwidth. For our Niantic explorers, this means that any number of players can collaborate or compete in the same virtual space in real-time on their respective devices.” 

In the meantime, it announced that it welcomes mobile network operators, device manufacturers, and other mobile ecosystem companies to join the alliance.

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Written by Jordan Bevan


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