Only 8% of advertisers select CTV as prime for programmatic ad-buying performance

Despite the anticipated growth of connected TV (CTV) platforms and their increasing share of advertising dollars, a recent survey conducted by Proximic by Comscore suggests that CTV still faces challenges in terms of performance metrics, particularly in the realm of programmatic ad buys. 

Only 8% of advertisers identified CTV as their top choice for achieving marketing performance through programmatic ad-buying systems, with web/mobile digital (49%) and social media (41%) leading the pack in this regard. 

The study emphasizes that CTV’s evolution into a performance driver hinges on advertisers’ ability to measure its incrementality compared to other media channels. Looking at budget allocations, the survey reveals that CTV’s share is on the rise, reaching 17% (up from 14%) in the past year, while linear TV slips to 15% (down from 16%). 

Web/Mobile digital continues to dominate with a 31% share, and social media maintains a consistent 23%. The report, based on responses from nearly 200 advertising executives, underscores that 43% of increased CTV ad investments will come from linear TV, with additional shifts from web/mobile digital, social media, and direct mail. The findings provide a nuanced perspective on the evolving landscape of advertising channels and their respective performances.

According to a recent study, experiencing a noteworthy transformation in the past decade, mobile ad units are poised to dominate the digital display advertising landscape, projected to secure a substantial 70.6% of programmatic ad spend in the United States by the conclusion of 2023. This remarkable surge contrasts starkly with their modest 39.3% share in 2013, underscoring the profound influence of mobile advertising on the industry.

Written by Jordan Bevan


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