AppLovin brings performance-based buying to connected TV within AppDiscovery

California-based mobile app tech company AppLovin announced on Wednesday that it is bringing performance-based buying to CTV within its mobile user acquisition platform AppDiscovery.

Thanks to the new capability, app marketers will now be able to access a significant amount of CTV supply across hundreds of free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) apps and more than 3,000 channels from a single source of access and only pay for installs.

“We’re excited to successfully bridge the gap between mobile marketing and CTV through a performance buying model,” said Idil Canal, General Manager of AdTech, AppLovin. “With AppLovin, marketers can easily test and rapidly scale CTV campaigns to acquire high-quality users by accessing a vast audience with targeted, relevant ads — all while prioritizing installs over impressions.”

AppLovin said, since launching its performance CTV campaigns in 2022, the credit-building app Kikoff has seen a 3X increase in install rates, resulting in a 6X increase in its CTV budget.

“AppLovin’s CTV campaigns brought new momentum to our UA efforts. Not only do they allow us to further differentiate our offering in the marketplace by telling a more complete story to a larger audience, they also deliver on our UA performance goals. We’re excited about the continued partnership and growth potential,” said Max Wang, Growth Marketing Manager at Kikoff.

AppDiscovery allows app marketers to run CPI-based performance campaigns, automate campaigns, and access real-time analytics. Using CTV advertising on Applovin’s AppDiscovery, advertisers will be able to run mobile and CTV ad campaigns in the same platform. They will now also be able able to leverage AppLovin’s in-house creative team for custom and high-performing CTV ads.

“AppLovin’s AppDiscovery has been a strong user acquisition channel for us on mobile. Their recent addition of performance CTV campaigns presented an incremental channel to grow our user base at our target price points – all while using a single source of access. We’ve been delighted with the platform’s potential and appreciate the team’s constant optimization efforts,” said Terence Fung, Chief Strategy Officer at Storm8.

Written by Jordan Bevan


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