OfferUp And letgo Combine Marketplaces And Release A New App

Following its acquisition of a top competitor Letgo for $120 million earlier this year, OfferUp has announced that it has combined the two marketplaces and created a new mobile app called OfferUp – Buy. Sell. Letgo.

The new combined OfferUp and letgo app is currently available on Google Play Store and App Store. With the new app, both OfferUp and letgo users are now able to access more buyers, sellers and deals. 

With the combination, users will also be able to access new features such as worldwide shipping and safety programs of OfferUp such as Community MeetUp Spots and TruYou. 

In addition, though letgo had expired the listings on the app after 30 days, they won’t expire on the new app.

Existing users of letgo will be directed to download the new combined app and they’ll be able to sign-in with their letgo information in order to create their new OfferUp accounts. Once they sign in, their account’s reputation such as their ratings, sales, join date and purchase history will be transferred to their new accounts. 

But, the items that they previously listed on letgo won’t be transferred to the new app, which means they need to be reposted. In order to complete your transactions, you can use until September 21 when the website will be shut down. 

Due to the merger, letgo’s Super Boost Mode subscriptions will be cancelled automatically. Instead of it, users will be able to choose OfferUp’s Promote Plus membership.  

The merger will enable letgo users to ship nationwide but some of the categories of letgo including jobs, rental listings, services and gift cards won’t be supported anymore. 

Also, due to the merger, letgo won’t be supported in Canada and OfferUp is not available there yet. So, this may mean that letgo will have to lose its Canadian users after the combination of the two apps. 

Written by Maya Robertson


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