Mobile app analytics platform UXCam raises $5 million 

Photo Credit: UXCam

Berlin-based mobile app analytics company UXCam has raised a $5 million Seed round led by Headline, the backer of analytics giants Segment and SEMrush. 

Adjacent VC, Blinkist co-founder Tobias Balling & Sebastian Schleicher, Staffbase co-founder Martin Bohringe, ex-CMO of Contentful Chris Schangen, CEO at OwnBackup Sam Gutman, and co-founder/CEO of Podimo Morten Strunge also participated in the round. 

UXCam platform platform automatically processes app micro-interactions like swiping and tapping that signal user intent and frustrations and these digital signals are visualized through actionable graphs, filterable video recordings, and dashboards. 

UXCam CEO Kishan Gupta says the company has tripled its revenue in the last year and the mobile insights platform automatically captures insights from 100B data points and 3B app experiences.

“The secret to knowing what customers want isn’t more data. It’s empowering mobile app teams with easily digestible insights they can confidently act on.  The process of setting up, collecting, analyzing, visualizing, sharing insights bogs down teams, preventing them from moving fast and making product-led decisions,” Gupta says. 

“UXCam’s exclusive data shows that UX-related issues (rage taps, UI freezes, and crashes) can amount to nearly a third of all sessions recorded across all app categories including financial services and insurance, consumer products, tech, food and beverage, media and publishing. For financial services specifically, UX issues in apps can amount to 25% of sessions.”

Written by Sophie Blake


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