Lollipop Chainsaw Remake Coming in 2023

Lollipop Chainsaw, one of the most absurd, colorful, and fun zombie games in the game world, returns in 2023 with its remake.

The production, which managed to create its own loyal audience in a short time, did not reduce the dose of violence and action for a moment, while putting us in absurd situations as much as possible. The game where we try to stop the zombie apocalypse by controlling a cheerleader named Juliet is definitely among the most entertaining productions of the genre.

Some rumors in the past days indicated that the cult game might return. These rumors, which especially excited the fans of the game, have come to an end as of today. According to the official statement, Juliet, who cut the zombies without looking at her eyes and carries her boyfriend’s cut head, which can still talk, is back!

This means that the production, which first met with the players in 2012, will return with a remake. The original soundtrack of the game will not be included in the new game due to copyright.

The remake project is already being done by Dragami Games, which was founded by Yoshimi Yasuda, the producer of the original game. In the project, we will see new team members as well as many people who took part in the old game.

For now, it remains a mystery on which platforms the game, which is announced to meet with the players in an uncertain period of the next year, will be released.

Written by Jordan Bevan


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