InMobi launches independent mediation platform Meson

India’s mobile advertising technology company InMobi has launched its independent mobile ad mediation platform, Meson.

With Meson, InMobi claims that publishers get to fully own and manage their data, control monetization, handle user experience, and linkages to user acquisition, and gain insight into the end-to-end flow of ad revenue to understand their “true take”.

Designed to help publishers “white label” it as an in-house solution, Meson is currently in beta and is open for testing and will be priced separately based on “predetermined” subscription terms.

InMobi says Meson offers a broad-spectrum demand mediation platform that differs from legacy mediation solutions, solving challenges that publishers need but traditionally cannot solve due to conflicting incentives.

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“Meson brings a next-generation, independent mediation approach for publishers and provides full transparency and control of the auctions and bidding process as it’s happening,” said InMobi SVP and general manager of publisher platform and exchange Kunal Nagpal.

“The solution makes it easier for app developers and publishers to understand what data valuation looks like and have a mediation partner that fully supports their vision. In addition, as per our understanding, no other mediation stack offers the breadth of connections for publishers at every auction to maximise the value of their user base.”

Written by Maya Robertson


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