8 Free Weight Loss Apps for Android

In the realm of health and wellness, the digital age has ushered in a new era of convenience and empowerment. As we strive to achieve our weight loss goals, “Free Weight Loss Apps for Android” have emerged as essential tools for harnessing technology in our fitness journeys. These apps, designed to accompany us on our path to better health, offer a wide array of features that range from calorie tracking to personalized coaching.

In this comprehensive review, we covered the world of these transformative applications, exploring how they cater to different needs and preferences. Whether you’re aiming to shed a few pounds or embark on a comprehensive lifestyle change, these apps promise to be your reliable companions, providing guidance, motivation, and progress monitoring right at your fingertips. Without further ado, here are the free weight loss apps for Android!


Are you looking for effective free weight loss apps for Android? MyFitnessPal is a go-to choice. With its comprehensive food and exercise tracking features, it helps you maintain a balanced lifestyle. The app’s database boasts a wide range of food items, making it easy to monitor your calorie intake. MyFitnessPal’s user-friendly interface and community support create a motivating environment for your weight loss journey, and it stands out among the free weight loss apps for Android. Visit MyFitnessPal’s website to learn more.

MyFitnessPal on Google Play


For those seeking free weight loss apps for Android, LoseIt provides an intuitive platform. It ranks among the free weight loss apps for Android. This app simplifies calorie tracking and goal setting. Its barcode scanner allows quick entry of food items, enhancing accuracy. With its charts and insights, LoseIt helps you understand your progress and make informed decisions on your weight loss path. Discover LoseIt’s website to learn more about the app.

LoseIt! on Google Play

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Discovering the right foods is easier with Fooducate, one of the free weight loss apps for Android. This app goes beyond calorie counting, offering nutritional insights and grades for food items. The app allows users to scan barcodes to receive instant health ratings and personalized recommendations. Fooducate ensures your weight loss journey aligns with your overall well-being goals. Go to the app’s website for more information.

Fooducate on Google Play


Noom stands out among free weight loss apps for Android with its holistic approach. The app combines tracking, coaching, and educational content to create sustainable habits. Noom’s psychology-based approach helps address the emotional aspects of eating. If you’re seeking a comprehensive and personalized weight loss experience, Noom is worth considering. Discover Noom’s website for more detailed information.

Noom on Google Play

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Weight Loss Coach: Lose Weight

Weight Loss Coach boasts the promise of guaranteed weight loss in just 35 days, shedding up to 5 kg or 12 pounds. Daily motivational tips keep you on track to overcome obesity, while the built-in weight tracker allows users to visualize their progress. Your very own personal dietitian and diet coach offer tailored advice, and the convenient integrated shopping list streamlines your healthy choices. Also, the app’s progress graphs provide a clear overview of your journey, supporting both kilogram and pound measurements.

Weight Loss Coach: Lose Weight on Google Play


MyNetDiary is a reliable choice among weight loss apps for Android. This app offers detailed food tracking, exercise logging, and progress monitoring, and it is considered one of the free weight loss apps for Android. The app’s barcode scanner and extensive database make tracking effortless. MyNetDiary’s customizable features and insightful analysis ensure a personalized weight-loss journey. Browse MyNetDiary’s website for more detailed information.

MyNetDiary on Google Play

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WeightWatchers stands as a comprehensive weight loss solution, celebrated for its holistic approach to health and well-being. The innovative Points® system distills complex nutritional data into an easy-to-understand value, guiding users toward smarter food choices without restrictive rules. Customized nutrition plans offer a daily point allocation, encouraging flexibility in eating habits. What truly sets WeightWatchers apart is its unwavering support system—access to a private social community, round-the-clock coach chat, and empowering 5-Minute Coaching audios.

Furthermore, WeightWatchers aids in enhancing sleep quality, and stress reduction through breath meditations and comprehensive tracking tools. With over 12,000 recipes, barcode scanning, and personalized features, WeightWatchers empowers users to embark on a journey of sustainable, science-backed transformation.

WeightWatchers on Google Play


HealthifyMe stands as a transformative wellness companion, offering a range of exceptional features to drive weight loss and overall health improvement. Tailor your journey with personalized meal plans, designed from your health data and BMI, providing a clear path to bolstering immunity and achieving your desired goals. The app allows users to embrace healthy eating effortlessly with the nutrition and calorie calculator, facilitating meal tracking, macro management, and even photo-based meal logging.

Also, the app allows users to monitor their progress seamlessly by tracking health data, weight loss, and daily calories at a glance, cultivating consistent calorie awareness. Users can delve deeper into nutrition insights through the nutrition calculator’s precise macro-nutrient breakdown, dissecting protein, fat, fiber, and carbohydrates.

HealthifyMe on Google Play

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