Facebook Acquires The Developer Of Beat Saber: Beat Games

Facebook has been striving to do more in the VR sector and will soon launch its Horizon service in 2020. The last step taken by Facebook in the VR area is the acquisition of Beat Games. We will see in the following days whether this is related to Horizon or not.

Facebook’s AR/VR Content Manager Mike Verdu said that Facebook’s acquisition of Beat Games is just the beginning. Facebook can acquire the world’s best VR companies and their products by offering them absurd amounts of Facebook stock. The number of VR companies in the world to reject such an offer, we think, is not more than the fingers of a hand.

Facebook acquired Oculus VR in 2014. Since then, it’s been working hard to create hardware and research teams, and now they produce qualified products such as Oculus Quest and new features such as hand tracking and Oculus Link. All this effort and money was spent in order not to fall behind companies like Google, Microsoft and Apple. Now Facebook has to take right steps in their new projects and win the next round in order to be among these companies.

Facebook Horizon

Horizon is a new service of Facebook where you will control your character with hand gestures and controls, communicate with people and navigate different places. This virtual world, announced to be launched in 2020, will allow you to meet your friends, participate in various events and play games. The application has such a unique mechanic that it will even get rid of the legs so that it doesn’t weigh on your character!

According to Facebook spokespersons Oculus ID will be used to access the application. But you’ll still need a Facebook account to connect to the system. The reason for this is to prevent security problems and to communicate with your Facebook friends in the application.

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Written by Maya Robertson

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