Epic’s Fortnite may return to iOS in 2023

Image Source: @TimSweeneyEpic on Twitter

It’s been over two years since Fortnite was removed from Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store for violating their rules, but Epic Games may finally bring the hit title to iOS in 2023.

The rumour has emerged when Epic’s CEO Tim Sweeney shared a new year celebration tweet saying ‘’Next year on iOS’’. He then replied to that tweet adding a photo of a Fortnite character watching the fireworks that read ‘’2023’’.

The popular battle royale game was removed in August 2020, after Fortnite introduced its in-game payment system that bypassed Apple’s and Google’s in-app purchase fees.

Epic filed an injunction to prevent the iPhone-maker from removing its game, and also launched a PR campaign against the company accusing it of using its monopoly power. Soon after, Apple clapped back by filing a countersuit against Epic for violating its rules and avoiding paying the in-app purchase fee.

In September 2021, the federal judge ordered Apple to allow developers to include in-app links to direct users to alternative payment methods, but didn’t require it to let them use third-party payment systems. Both Apple and Epic appealed the decision.

While the legal fight is still ongoing, Apple’s App Store business is also being challenged by the European Union’s Digital Markets Act. In order to comply with it, tech companies like Apple will have to start allowing users to install alternative app stores and sideload apps until March 2024.

According to Bloomberg’s tech reporter Mark Gurman, Apple is getting ready to make the necessary changes to comply with the upcoming EU requirements. While it will take effect only in European countries, it still could enable Fortnite’s return to iOS.

Written by Tuna Cetin


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