Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins is now available on iOS, Android, Steam

Maze Theory in partnership with the BBC has released a found-phone mystery game Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins on iOS, Android, and Steam.

The game is developed by Kaigan Games, creator of Sara Is Missing and SIMULACRA.

“Amidst a sinister series of events at a seemingly abandoned house in London, someone goes missing, and you find their phone. When it begins to self-destruct, ex-UNIT scientist Petronella Osgood enlists your help to uncover hidden clues and solve cryptic puzzles. Will you unravel the truth behind the chilling disappearance before it’s too late? But remember: don’t turn your back, don’t look away and DON’T BLINK.” Maze Theory writes in the game’s store page. 

You look through various chat logs and search through a number of different in-game apps for tips on how to defeat angels; Osgood is by your side to convey tips and improve the story as you go.

You can buy Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins from the Apple App Store and Google Play for £2.99. The game is also available on Steam for £5.99.

Written by Maya Robertson


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