Coin Master Revenue and Usage Statistics (2023)

What is Coin Master?

Coin Master is a free casual mobile game with casino mechanics developed and published by Moon Active. Players must spin in the game to earn coins to build their own village or attack other players’ villages.

Release Date: 2016

Developer: Moon Active

Publisher: Moon Active

Coin Master Revenue and Usage Statistics (2023)

  • Coin Master was the most downloaded casino game worldwide in February 2023, with more than 5.9 million downloads, followed by RummyCircle which generated  3.09 million game downloads during the measured period (Statista)
  • In November 2022, Coin Master generated $71.66 million in worldwide player spending, making it surpass $3 billion in lifetime player spending.
  • In the first quarter of 2022, Coin Master became the second highest-grossing mobile game worldwide, after Lineage W.
  • In March 2022, Coin Master was among the top-grossing mobile games worldwide. (Sensor Tower)
YearTotal Player Spending
2022$3 billion
2021$1.3 billion
2020$1.2 billion
2019$539.6 million
  • In 2021, Coin Master generated $1.3 billion in global player spending, up 13.8% year-over-year. 
  • In 2020, Coin Master generated $1.2 billion in player spending, up 122.4% year-over-year. With 2020 revenue, the mobile game surpassed $2 billion in lifetime player spending. In January 2021, the game generated around 116 million across the app stores. 
  • In November 2021, Coin Master maker Moon Active raised $300 million at a $5 billion valuation. 
  • As of February 2021, Coin Master generated 194.8 million downloads. The U.S. ranks No. 1 with 39.5 million downloads, followed by India with 30.7 million downloads and Brazil with 20.2 million. 

Written by Jordan Bevan


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