The 13 Best VR Games for Android


Virtual Reality is a 3D environment where individuals experience the feeling of being there by using computer technology. Virtual reality offers quite an exciting and realistic experience, so VR games are getting a lot of attention nowadays. We have reviewed and listed the best VR games for Android for you, here are the best ones!

Twilight Pioneers

Price: Free

Offering an Oriental-inspired fantasy world experience, Twilight Pioneers was developed specifically for Google Daydream. The game fully supports the Daydream controller and headset, so users can play from a first-player perspective. Twilight Pioneers begins with the Dark Lord collecting the greatest evils from all eras of time. Longxia, a magical being, possesses unusual properties and is imprisoned by the Dark Lord for this reason. The players’ goal in the game is to save Longxia and thwart the Dark Lord’s evil plans.

Twilight Pioneers on Google Play

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Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $2.99

Acron is a unique game that offers a quite fun VR experience and is among the best VR games for Android. The game takes place in Surly Swamp and allows you to play as a tree and a cunning gang of thieves with different abilities. The game allows only one player to be a tree in VR on mobile and offers 1v1 gameplay. Golden acorns are under attack in the game, and gamers will either protect them or steal them.

Acron on Google Play

Rec Room

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $99.99

Rec Room is a creative VR game that you can play with your friends. The game allows you to create rooms, chat with people from all over the world and explore the rooms created by other players. Rec Room is cross-playable on everything from smartphones to VR headsets and comes with challenging, fun, and unique gameplay. Gamers can customize and dress up their break room avatars. For more information about the game, you can check the game’s website.

Rec Room on Google Play

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Trail World VR Virtual Reality

Price: Free/In-App Purchase:

Trail World VR Virtual Reality is one of the best VR games for Android that brings the experience of a fantastic open world to VR game lovers. The game comes with fascinating visuals events roller coasters and tours. Players will explore the Town of Secrets with Trail World VR Virtual Reality. In the game, game lovers will either reach the heights of excitement on the roller coaster or travel the world by plane. Trail World VR Virtual Reality has legendary areas to explore such as Sky island, Trail World, Waterfall, Farm, Town, Snow world, desert landscape, sea world, and giant cave. 

Also, Trail World VR Virtual Reality is compatible with mobile VR headsets and glasses such as ImmersiON-VRelia GO, Google Cardboard, HOMiDO, and Durovis Dive.

Trail World VR Virtual Reality on Google Play

Gunjack 2 End of Shift

Price: $8.99

Gunjack 2 End of Shift is a space shooter VR game with slick motion controller integration. The game comes with cinematic cutscenes featuring Kubera’s crew, and gamers can enjoy the story. The game takes place in the New Eden universe, and people are fighting for power and money. Players will unite with their friends in the defense of equipment like a soldier.

Furthermore, Gunjack 2 End of Shift should be played with a Daydream-compatible phone and Daydream-compatible VR headset, and a wired headset is recommended for a quality sound experience.

Gunjack 2 End of Shift on Google Play

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InCell VR

Price: Free

InCell VR is an action/racing game blended with a mix of strategy and science. The game is about a rare and rather unusual micro-world of the human cell. InCell VR is a Virtual Reality focused game but can be played without a set (Cardboard or any other). Additionally, the game is compatible with headsets such as Homido, Lakento, View Master, Fibrum, Durovis, Archos, and Cardboard.

InCell VR on Google Play

InMind VR

Price: Free

InMind VR is a game that deserves to be among the best VR games for Android, offering a fun adventure experience with arcade elements. The game is about the journey of the patient to the brain to search for the neurons that cause the mental disorder. Gamers will discover the wonders of the human mind with InMind VR. In addition, the game allows playing without any special viewers.

InMind VR on Google Play

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VR Noir

Price: Free

VR Noir offers a detective game experience with unmatched realism. Google Cardboard is required to play the game. VR Game lovers will bring to life Veronica Coltrane, a private detective. In the game, players will respond to the wishes of their customers and will be put to the test.

VR Noir on Google Play


Price: Free

BAMF VR is a simple VR platform game that requires one button input. BAMF VR opens the doors to a fantasy world for game lovers, and the game aims to collect all the shining crystals. The game offers exploration, mazes, and timed obstacles. In the game, players will look where they want to go and press the button, and they will just teleport, no running or jumping.

Moreover, the BAMF VR is compatible with Bluetooth/USB, a touch screen, and magnet switches. The game requires 360-degree rotation action, so gamers should prefer to be in a rotating chair or standing.

BAMF VR on Google Play

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Zombie Shooter VR

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: $0.99

Zombie Shooter VR

Zombie Shooter VR presents a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies to game lovers. Players will look and choose a weapon and proceed to the door. The game is full of deserted subway tunnels and mutants that can attack at any moment. Zombie Shooter VR comes with ultra-realistic 360 3D VR combined with realistic graphics and carefully crafted sound, and it deserves to be among the best VR games for Android with the features it offers.

Zombie Shooter VR on Google Play

Minos Starfighter VR

Price: $1.49

A first-person arcade space game, Minos Starfighter VR offers a fully immersive VR experience using AAA graphics and 3D sound. The game has three different space environments and highly detailed ships. Players will be able to upgrade their ships and weapons with the powerful upgrades the game offers. Also, the game allows you to disable the VR mode.

Minos Starfighter VR on Google Play

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Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Price: $9.99

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is an excellent team game to improve problem-solving and communication skills. The game offers a face-to-face multiplayer gaming experience playing in the same physical space. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes comes with challenging puzzles, quests, and free play modes. Daydream VR is optional in the game, and the game does not support online play.

Moreover, in the game, one player is stranded in a room with a timed bomb they must defuse, and the other players are those who must give instructions to defuse the bomb they cannot see. Players must defuse the bomb by speaking in a race against time.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes on Google Play

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Hidden Temple – VR Adventure

Hidden Temple VR Adventure

Price: $3.99

Hidden Temple is a classic adventure game that offers an immersive VR adventure experience with stunningly detailed 3D environments and is one of the best VR games for Android. The game comes with easy and intuitive controls, 3D positional sounds, and a full 360° view. Players will explore the secret rooms in the temple full of adventure and mystery and try to solve difficult riddles with the items they collect. In addition, Hidden Temple can be played without a VR headset, but VR headsets such as Google Cardboard are required for a good gaming experience.

Hidden Temple – VR Adventure on Google Play

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