The 7 Best Mobile Banking Apps

Banks continue to keep up with technology, so customers have the opportunity to perform financial transactions such as money transfers, check,s and bill payments from a single app. With mobile banking apps that destroy the old-generation banking system, people enjoy shopping and completing their monetary transactions in a short time. While these apps ease the workload of banks, they save time for customers. So which ones are the best? If you’re wondering, keep reading our list of the best mobile banking apps we’ve prepared for you!

Bank of America

Price: Free

Bank of America is a secure mobile banking app. The app is suitable for US-based accounts and has many features. Users can view their account balances and activities, manage credit/debit cards, make money transfers, and perform many other banking transactions such as bill payments via mobile with Bank of America. Bank of America allows sending and receiving money using a mobile phone number (US) or email address.

In addition, the app comes with Erica who is a virtual financial assistant, so users can perform many transactions or get information with Erica in seconds. Also, Bank of America has many security features such as Touch ID and Face ID, and user investments are managed with Merrill. For more information, check out Bank of America’s website.

Bank of America on Google Play 

Bank of America on the App Store

PNC Mobile

Price: Free

PNC Mobile is an easy and fast way to bank transactions and is one of the best mobile banking apps. The app offers balance checking, recent transactions, money transfers, deposits, current accounts viewing, bill payment, card management, and more. PNC Mobile provides the opportunity to find the nearest PNC ATMs and branches with its “Find PNC” feature. Users can choose many security methods such as fingerprint, face authentication, and increased security with PNC Mobile.

Moreover, PNC Mobil facilitates spending tracking and saving with its past and future payment information. Users can clearly see where and when they spend their spending and can perform spending analysis. Also, the app provides the ability to send money privately (phone number and email), so users can easily send money to trusted people. Browse PNC’s website for detailed information.

PNC Mobile on Google Play 

PNC Mobile on the App Store

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Capital One Mobile

Price: Free

Capital One Mobile is an app that helps you manage money efficiently and effectively and is among the best mobile banking apps. Users can make their schedules and get information anywhere, anytime with Capital One Mobile. Users can access bill payments, loans, credit/debit card activation and management, next future, product histories, and more in Capital One Mobile. Capital One Mobile has Zelle, so users can send money to family and friends in a matter of seconds. For more, visit Capital One’s website

Capital One Mobile on Google Play 

Capital One Mobile on the App Store

Ally: Banking & Investing

Price: Free

Ally: Banking & Investing is one of the mobile banking apps that makes financial activities fast and secure. The app allows users to manage and monitor multiple financial transactions from one place. Ally: Banking & Investing has no overdraft fees, and the app’s CoverDraft℠ service provides users with a free overdraft discount temporarily. Ally has more than 55,000 ATMs, and users can effortlessly find nearby ATMs with the app. Additionally, Ally: Banking & Investing allows paying bills, financial history, transfers, investments, and more. Check out Ally’s website for more information.

Ally: Banking & Investing on Google Play 

Ally: Banking & Investing on the App Store

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Wells Fargo Mobile

Price: Free

Wells Fargo Mobile is one of the functional banking apps developed to speed up financial transactions. Wells Fargo Mobile has various security options such as fingerprint login and biometric login. The app allows users to effortlessly perform many monetary activities such as viewing account activities, checking balances, credit card transactions, paying bills, money transfers, and depositing checks. In addition, Wells Fargo Mobile provides a Zelle which is a special payment system. For detailed information, go to Wells Fargo’s website.

Wells Fargo Mobile on Google Play 

Wells Fargo Mobile on the App Store

Chase Mobile

Price: Free

Chase Mobile is an app that saves time in banking transactions and stands out among the best mobile banking apps. Users can reach money transfers, monetary activities, credit card transactions, daily/monthly/yearly expenses, credit scores, Zelle payment system, and more with Chase Mobile. 

Also, Chase Mobile allows users to invest in J.P. It allows it to be managed with Morgan and provides many transactions without commission. Visit Chase’s website for more detailed information.

Chase Mobile on Google Play 

Chase Mobile on the App Store

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Synchrony Bank

Price: Free

Synchrony Bank is a mobile banking app that collects all financial transactions in a single app and has a clear interface. Users can get quick access to their money and open new accounts within minutes with the app. Synchrony Bank has a widget that provides balance control at a glance. Synchrony Bank enables financial activity history and information, money transfers, checks, bill payments, balance information, and more. In addition, the app deserves to be one of the best mobile banking apps with the conveniences and features it offers. Check out Synchrony Bank’s website for more information.

Synchrony Bank on Google Play 

Synchrony Bank on the App Store

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