AviaGames accused of using bots to manipulate mobile game prizes

Image Credit: The Daily Mail

AviaGames, a mobile game developer and publisher, is facing allegations of fraudulent practices that involve rigging games to deceive players into competing with bots rather than real opponents. Big Run Studios, the creators of Blackout Bingo, and the Skillz platform have filed a lawsuit against AviaGames. They claim that AviaGames’ game, Bingo Clash, is not only a “copycat” of their game but also utilizes bots to manipulate games, ensuring that AviaGames emerges as the winner, causing its users to lose money in the process.

This legal dispute raises serious concerns about the integrity and fairness of Bingo Clash, which has marketed itself as a skill-based competition game where players face off against others of similar abilities. If the allegations are true, players may have unknowingly been betting against bots rather than real human opponents, calling into question the game’s fairness.

According to The Daily Mail, the lawsuit filed by Skillz alleges that AviaGames copied their technology, including the use of bots in Bingo Clash. AviaGames’ advertising practices are under scrutiny, with screenshots showing identical wording and images used by both AviaGames and Skillz, suggesting possible piracy and copyright infringement.

Skillz also claims that its bingo game is built on a patented software development kit designed to create randomized and fair competitions. It’s worth noting that AviaGames has previously been a customer of Skillz, leading to suspicions that their partnership may have been an attempt to gather information for their purposes.

As this legal battle unfolds, the mobile gaming community and users of Bingo Clash eagerly await the outcome to determine whether these allegations hold any truth and how they might impact the perception and trust of players in the mobile gaming industry.

These accusations emphasize the vital role of fair competition and transparent practices in the dynamic world of mobile gaming. As the industry rapidly grows and dominates global consumer spending, developers and publishers must prioritize earning and maintaining the trust of their players. It’s essential for ensuring the sustained success and expansion of their gaming products.

Written by Gizem Yılmaz


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