Adobe adds new mobile marketing capabilities for customer engagement

Adobe has unveiled new mobile capabilities within Adobe Journey Optimizer, powered by Adobe Experience, in order to enable brands  to activate real-time customer insights to design and deliver personalized customer engagement across channels. 

The new capabilities include:

– Message designer: Allowing brands to design and deliver personalized email, push, in-app, and text messages all from a drag-and-drop user interface, without switching back and forth between various applications or requiring developer assistance

– Personalized in-app experiences: Allowing brands to create contextually aware and personalized in-app messages based on data like customer profile attributes, device location, and app usage history

– Unified real-time customer profile: Allowing brands to collect and unify real-time customer data like location, past purchases, and more to determine the next-best communication to send customers to keep them informed, engaged, and loyal

– Personalized one-time interactions and campaign communications: Helping determine the right message to deliver to the customer to send a custom text message or push notifications as part of a scheduled campaign

– Location-aware triggers: Allowing brands to send real-time location-based push notifications for app users

– Easy access to brand-approved content and assets: Allowing marketers and customer-facing teams to access approved brand assets natively within Journey Optimizer through a lightweight, cloud-based digital asset manager (DAM), Adobe Experience Manager Assets Essentials. Rich media like images and videos stored in the DAM can be easily sized to the proper dimensions of every phone, ensuring customers are seeing marketing messages in the optimal way.

– Developer tools for increased data confidence: Allowing for inspection and validation of data for client-side web and mobile events, low-level SDK logs, and data exports, to let developers verify and debug integrations, ensuring the quality of the mobile experiences being delivered

Written by Jordan Bevan


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