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In 2022, 49% of Android apps were uninstalled within 30 days of downloads, and 49% of those uninstalls took place during the first 24 hours, according to AppsFlyer’s new App Uninstall Report

Although one in two apps couldn’t survive on mobile devices for more than a month last year, the average uninstall rate decreased by 8% compared to 2021.

Gaming apps had the highest uninstall rate with 65.87% of them being removed within 30 days after downloads. They were followed by Social (59.71%), Education (53.40%), Utilities (52.63%) and Finance apps (44.98%) respectively. Meanwhile Travel apps had the highest brand loyalty, and the lowest uninstall rate of 31.11%.

Image Source AppsFlyer

The report also revealed that there is an average 28% gap between the uninstall rates among organic and non-organic users, since the latter have less tendency to show loyalty to mobile apps. While the difference is around 13% in gaming apps, it’s nearly 30% in non-gaming categories.

Image Source AppsFlyer

Lastly, AppsFlyer also found that the average uninstall rate in developing countries (26% to 43%) was 28% higher than developed countries (36%). This could be due to common usage of iOS devices and their higher storage that don’t require users in developed ones to uninstall apps, the report suggests.

Written by Sophie Blake


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