Xsolla’s strategic acquisitions: revolutionizing content creation and distribution landscape

Xsolla, the global video game commerce company, is making waves with its latest strategic acquisition. The company has acquired Lightstream, Rainmaker, and API.stream from Videndum, marking a significant move to reshape the content creation and distribution ecosystem.

This acquisition is a clear indication of Xsolla’s deep appreciation for the immense value that creators bring to the gaming world. The company is dedicated to forging and strengthening bonds with talent agencies, creators, and their audiences, recognizing their pivotal role in the gaming ecosystem.

Xsolla’s Partner Network has already established itself as a one-stop solution for engaging with developers and publishers and exploring new revenue and rewards avenues. With the addition of Lightstream, Rainmaker, and API.stream, Xsolla is set to empower creators like never before. These new tools will enable creators to go live within seconds using cloud streaming services, request free game keys from developers, participate in referral programs, establish branded web shops, and sell digital goods from the extensive Xsolla portfolio.

Lightstream is a cloud-based streaming studio that simplifies the content creation process. By integrating Lightstream’s technology, Xsolla makes it easier for creators to initiate live streams with minimal technical prerequisites, ensuring an efficient and user-friendly streaming experience.

The Rainmaker platform equips creators to manage and expand their audiences while optimizing revenue opportunities. By incorporating Rainmaker’s suite of tools into the Xsolla Partner Network, creators gain access to a comprehensive range of features designed to enhance audience engagement, monetization, and distribution of free game keys.

API.stream is a team of exceptional engineers who are at the forefront of live-streaming production’s future. With extensive experience in addressing the challenges and possibilities of live cloud-native output, API.stream is unleashing new horizons for creative expression in live streaming.

Xsolla’s strategic acquisition is set to transform the content creation and distribution landscape, offering creators a richer, more streamlined experience, and further solidifying Xsolla’s pivotal role in the gaming ecosystem. This move reflects the company’s unwavering dedication to empowering and supporting the gaming community. 

In addition, it is essential to emphasize the significance of companies standing by content creators, particularly in light of the substantial online harassment they often face, which is frequently triggered by factors such as the release of unfinished games.

Written by Gizem Yılmaz


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