Top-performing video ads on TikTok have a duration between 21 to 34 seconds

TikTok has published a new set of best practices to let advertisers boost ad conversions, based on an internal analysis of the performance of thousands of ads on its auction platform.

In its analysis, the company found that video ads between 21 and 34 seconds long on TikTok saw a 280% increase in conversion compared to videos that were shorter or longer than that timeframe.

It also found that videos shot in a 9:16 aspect ratio saw a 91% increase in conversion compared to videos that didn’t match the screen resolution and were therefore framed by black bars at the edges of the screen.

The analysis also showed that text-format calls-to-action (CTAs) led to a staggering 152% increase in conversion compared to videos that didn’t make it clear what their viewers should do next.

TikTok also uncovered some industry-specific best practices for driving ad conversion for ecommerce and gaming advertisers.

The company said videos that showcased a variety of scenes led to a 38% lift in conversion over videos featuring one person selling a product in a continuous shot. Using closed captioning or on-screen text that clearly displays an offer or call-to-action on video ads also experienced a 80% increase in ad conversions. 

For gaming advertisers, video ads with 5 or more scenes showed a 171% increase in conversion compared to video ads with fewer than five scenes. The analysis also found that videos that utilized onscreen text in the first 7 seconds saw a 43% lift in conversion compared to videos that waited 7 seconds or longer to show text.

Written by Maya Robertson


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