TikTok rolls out new in-app feature that lets creators submit video ads

TikTok today unveiled a brand-new in-app tool that enables creators to submit video ads to brand challenges and earn incentives based on the effectiveness of their videos.

The new feature called The Creative Challenge provides creators complete creative control over their ads, opening up additional chances for them to work with brands in a way that feels most real to them.

To participate in the Creative Challenge, creators must be at least 18 years old and have a US-based account with at least 50,000 followers.

Using the feature, which is currently in testing with select brands, creators may peruse the list of challenges, read the brief for each one, which includes information on the reward pool as well as the rules and conditions, and then submit their video ad. 


⭐️TikTok Creative Challenge⭐️ A new way for creators to collaborate with brands with full creative freedom! We're excited to continue recognizing and rewarding creators for their creativity through this new in-app feature.

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TikTok says posts should be high-quality, well-edited and original content. Once submitted and approved, creators will be able to see the status of their posts, view performance and check their monthly earnings.

The company states that rewards are affected by many factors, including qualified video views, clicks, and conversions. Creators will receive notifications for their submissions with the option to review or appeal if revisions are required. Submitted videos will not appear on the creator’s profile, but will be published as ads in the For You Feed after review and approval.

After signing up for the TikTok Creative Challenge, creators will have access to a range of resources, including a dedicated Creators Community group and Mentor Program to share information, exchange insights, and connect with other creators to be rewarded.

“By simply creating a creative challenge on the platform, advertisers are given up to 30 ad creatives within 10 days created specifically for the TikTok audience developed by creators who truly understand the community,” said TikTok. 

The new feature is the latest addition to TikTok’s suite of monetization tools, which includes LIVE subscriptions, TikTok Pulse, and Series. 

Written by Maya Robertson


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