Tatari acquires CTV monetization platform TheViewPoint

Tatari, a data and analytics platform for buying and measuring ads on both linear and streaming TV, announced that it has acquired TheViewPoint, a CTV focused SSP and ad-server. The acquisition is part of Tatari’s long-term vision for a clean and more direct CTV supply path for outcome-driven TV advertisers.

TheViewPoint will continue working with its publisher partners and demand side clients as normal, operating under its own brand. 

“​​TheViewPoint will now help Tatari’s clients benefit from faster and more granular data to deliver stronger outcomes. In turn, TheViewPoint will support outcomes-based buying in ways that publishers could not have imagined before,” said ​​Philip Inghelbrecht, CEO of Tatari. 

“Advertisers need Demand Side Platform (DSP) technology to efficiently bid on the CTV ad inventory made available through the SSPs. This has given birth to the ad exchanges we know today. Ad exchanges come at a cost. SSPs and DSPs need to be paid for the technology and services provided; each easily 20% of the media. This is often referred to as the “ad tech tax.” In addition, valuable publisher and impression data leaks as it moves through the supply chain (Publisher → SSP → Exchange → DSP → Agency/Brand),” Inghelbrecht explained. 

“In the end, it is a conversation between a person and a brand. Our goal is to make this conversation engaging, valuable, and profitable to all parties,” said Tetyana Seredyuk, CEO and founder of The ViewPoint. “With our business model and approach, we have further upgraded the classy ‘SSP’ model by adding more transparency to the way we do business. This acquisition is a result of the great work of the entire TheViewPoint team led by Daniel Elad’s strategic perspective.”

Written by Maya Robertson


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