Seedtag acquires Beachfront to enhance contextual advertising with premium CTV integration

Seedtag acquires Beachfront

The contextual ad platform Seedtag has announced its acquisition of Beachfront, a sell-side ad platform specializing in connected TV (CTV) and video. The acquisition aims to incorporate Beachfront’s advanced CTV technology, premium inventory, and expertise into Seedtag’s existing contextual advertising solutions, thus enabling clients to deliver more effective, privacy-first advertising across multiple channels.

The acquisition follows Seedtag’s recent introduction of Contextual TV, a solution that leverages AI-based network dynamics, comprehensive consumer insights, and customized creative strategies. Contextual TV allows advertisers to enhance their CTV campaigns by integrating automated content recognition (ACR) and ad exposure data with contextual data from the open web.

Jorge Poyatos, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Seedtag, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition: “With a decade of experience maximizing campaign effectiveness on the open web through contextual AI, Seedtag is now poised to assist brands, agencies, and publishers in navigating the complexities of CTV advertising. Integrating Beachfront will enrich our Contextual TV solution, add new signals to our AI, and expand our publisher partnerships, aligning perfectly with our mission to create the most effective advertising technology for a privacy-first world, now extended to CTV.”

Founded in Madrid in 2014, Seedtag has a team of over 600 with offices in Spain, France, Italy,  UK, Benelux, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, UAE, Peru, Canada, US, and India.

According to eMarketer, CTV ad spend is projected to exceed $30 billion in 2024, marking a 22.4% increase from the $24.6 billion spent in 2023. Seedtag’s integration with Beachfront will provide advertisers with deeper insights into audiences across various devices, enabling more relevant and impactful CTV advertising. Publishers will also be able to leverage the unique opportunities presented by ad-supported streaming.

Chris Maccaro, CEO of Beachfront, highlighted the transformative impact of the acquisition: “In recent years, the CTV advertising ecosystem has seen significant growth and change. Beachfront has been at the forefront of this evolution, helping premium CTV media sellers drive monetization and deliver exceptional viewer experiences. Seedtag’s unique solutions, global reach, and extensive demand partnerships will advance Beachfront’s services and create additional value for our CTV publisher partners.”

Written by Jordan Bevan


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