Mobile gaming captures 49% of global market share despite 2% revenue decline

In 2023, mobile gaming continued to hold a significant share of the global games market, accounting for 49% of the total revenue despite a slight 2% year-over-year decline in consumer spending. According to the 2024 Mobile App Trends report by analytics firm Adjust, spending on mobile games reached $107 billion. Interestingly, while China experienced a decline, spending on mobile games increased by 4% in other regions.

The global games market generated $90.4 billion in total revenue in 2023, with mobile gaming contributing nearly half of this amount. This underscores the persistent dominance of mobile gaming in the broader gaming industry, even amidst minor fluctuations in revenue.

Adjust’s report also highlighted a 6% year-over-year growth in in-app revenue for gaming apps globally in 2023. The future looks promising for mobile game advertising, with projected costs expected to reach $103 billion in 2024 and $131 billion in 2025. This growth trajectory reflects the increasing value and impact of mobile gaming within the digital advertising ecosystem.

Interestingly, other sectors within the mobile app market also saw significant growth. Fintech apps, for instance, experienced a substantial increase in installs and sessions, rising by 42% and 24% year-over-year, respectively. In-app revenue for fintech apps surged by 118% year-over-year, with month-zero lifetime revenue reaching $4.45 for iOS users and $2.05 for Android users. This surge indicates a growing user base and heightened engagement within the fintech app segment.

Despite a global decrease in gaming app installs, the mobile gaming sector remains robust. The report noted a 7% increase in gaming app installs in the fourth quarter of 2023, with regional growth observed in APAC (3%), EMEA (12%), LATAM (19%), and North America (6%). These figures illustrate the resilience and adaptability of the mobile gaming market across different regions.

The report also shed light on the popularity of various game genres. Action games led the way, accounting for 18% of all game installs and an impressive 27% of total gaming sessions. Other popular genres included hyper-casual (14% of installs), puzzle (14% of installs and 12% of sessions), sports (8% of installs and 12% of sessions), and casual games (9% of installs).

Per the report, in 2023, ATT opt-in rates experienced a notable increase across various industries, with the overall industry-wide rate rising from 29% to 32%. Leading the charge, the gaming sector achieved the highest global ATT opt-in rate at 39%. Meanwhile, fintech and e-commerce sectors saw the most significant growth, each registering a 7 percentage point increase.

Overall, while the mobile gaming sector faced a minor revenue dip in 2023, it remains a dominant force in the global games market, buoyed by robust consumer spending outside China and a promising outlook for in-app revenue and advertising growth.

Written by Sophie Blake


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