The Most Famous Cheat Codes of All Time

We have listed the most famous cheat codes in the game world. We have included cheat codes that we all use again and again, which extend from GTA to Age of Empires. 

Here are the most famous cheat codes that every player uses at least once…


You can send the security forces to a break with the LEAVEMEALONE cheat, which is the fastest way to escape from the police in GTA: Vice City. This cheat code is the favorite of those who do not want to deal with the police while causing chaos in the city and disturbing the citizens.

Tuck Tuck Tuck – Age of Empires III

This cheat, which takes the battles of Age of Empires III to a very interesting point, adds monster trucks to the game. To make the struggle of civilizations much more interesting, you can type tuck tuck tuck and recruit giant trucks into your army.

Motherlode – The Sims 4

Thanks to the motherlode cheat, one of the most popular cheats of The Sims 4, it is possible to fill your wallet with tens of thousands of simoleons. After typing motherlode on the console screen, 50,000 simoleons are added to your safe. Cheats like rosebud or kaching only offer small amounts of financial support, 1,000 simoleons.

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RIPAZHA – GTA: San Andreas

RIPAZHA, which is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining cheats in the game world, allows all vehicles in the game to take flight. Flying with various vehicles from the cities of San Fierro, Las Venturas, and Los Santos and crashing to the ground by turning off the cheat are among the experiences of every GTA: San Andreas player.

362-555-0100 – GTA: IV

In GTA: IV, the most used cheats by the players are the life and money cheats. Unlike the previous games of the series, it is necessary to save the numbers first to activate the cheats in the game. Then, with a quick key combination, it is possible to open the phone and activate any cheat from the cheats tab.

The 362-555-0100 cheat completely fills Niko’s health and armor. So our hero gets ready for dangerous adventures in Liberty City.

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SEAWAYS – GTA: Vice City

The SEAWAYS cheat, one of the most popular cheats of GTA: Vice City, allows the vehicles in the game to travel on the sea. Thanks to this cheat, the wheels of the vehicle turn sideways and the player can join the waves in the sea surrounding Vice City with the vehicle of his choice.

CTRL + X – Mount and Blade: Warband

The CTRL + X cheat code, which almost every Mount and Blade: Warband player is familiar with, offers different returns on different screens. Players can add 1000 skill points to the hero on the character screen by pressing these two keys at the same time. Pressing the same keys on the inventory screen adds 1000 dinars to the player’s inventory this time.

Impulse 101 – Half-Life

Gordon Freeman regains all his energy with the HEV Suit Impulse 101 cheat, which he is equipped with. Thanks to the popular game cheat, it is possible to fill your weapon arsenals and turn into a walking ammunition depot. Therefore, this cheat is one of the tricks that will definitely be remembered by those who bruise their elbows while playing Half-Life.

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AEZAKMI – GTA: San Andreas

The AEZAKMI cheat, on the other hand, is one of the most famous cheat codes in the game, making the Los Santos Police Department indifferent. By typing AEZAKMI, players get rid of LSPD tracking and reset the ‘star count’. After the cheat is written, the police will not follow you even if you act illegally.

PANZER – GTA: Vice City

Of course, PANZER is among the indispensable cheats of GTA: Vice City. It is possible to terrorize Vice City with this cehat that allows us to land a giant tank in the middle of the city. This cheat, which is used over and over by every young person who spends hours in the game, was also a great part of our unforgettable GTA: Vice City experience.

Written by Maya Robertson


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