Mobivention launches its own app marketplace for iOS apps in the EU ahead of iOS17.4 launch

Mobivention, a company specializing in IT solutions, has recently announced the launch of the mobivention App Marketplace, a platform for the distribution of iOS apps in the European Union.

The company’s move follows the latest requirements of the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA), which requires Apple to allow alternative app marketplaces for iOS apps in the EU, among other things.

As elucidated in their recent press release, Mobivention’s App Marketplace will empower developers to distribute both Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) apps to their user base outside the traditional iOS App Store. The primary target audience for Mobivention’s App Marketplace is business customers seeking an alternative avenue for app distribution, presenting a compelling option amidst the backdrop of Apple’s App Store.

One of the standout features of Mobivention’s App Marketplace lies in the promise of simplified rules for publishing apps, a stark departure from the often rigorous regulations enforced by Apple’s App Store. This user-friendly approach not only enhances the appeal of the platform but also positions it as an attractive option for enterprise-level applications. The company affirms its commitment to adhering to Apple’s criteria while streamlining the approval process for submitted apps.

Furthermore, Mobivention aims to offer white-label solutions, enabling large corporations to establish their own branded App Marketplace for iOS users within the EU. The company proudly asserts that it collaborated directly with Apple during the development phase, ensuring strict alignment with Apple’s guidelines and standards.

Upon the enforcement of regulations on March 7, 2024, the Mobivention App Marketplace is set to be accessible as a viable alternative platform for iOS apps.

“We are ready to launch on 7 March 2024, the earliest possible date,” explains Dr Hubert Weid, Managing Director of mobivention GmbH. “Our goal is to provide companies with an innovative platform that enables them to participate in the growing app business and increase their competitiveness. This initiative reflects mobivention’s commitment to supporting the digital transformation of companies and redefining the way iOS apps are distributed and used. We are thus demonstrating our innovative strength in a completely newly developing market. We are thus demonstrating our innovative strength in a completely newly developing market.”

Other industry players such as MacPaw and Epic Games have also unveiled plans to introduce their App Marketplaces on iOS. 

Written by Sophie Blake


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