LinkedIn Launches CTV and Live Event Ads

LinkedIn is stepping up its game in the realm of video advertising, announcing the launch of connected TV (CTV) ads. The move comes as the professional networking platform aims to assist marketers in harnessing the growing trend of video consumption both within and outside its platform.

With the introduction of CTV ads, LinkedIn is partnering with various video providers to empower marketers to run video campaigns directly on their audience’s home TV screens. This expansion enables advertisers launching Brand Awareness campaigns to extend their video promotions beyond the confines of the LinkedIn app.

Through LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager, advertisers can seamlessly initiate a LinkedIn CTV campaign and distribute it across the platform’s network of publishers, which includes Paramount, Roku, and Samsung Ads. While the reach of these campaigns is currently constrained by campaign type and provider, it presents an opportunity for businesses to broaden their reach and explore new avenues for advertising.

In addition to CTV ads, LinkedIn is rolling out “LinkedIn Premiere” in collaboration with NBCUniversal. The initiative allows brands to target decision-makers in the United States through NBCUniversal’s premium streaming content on CTV. Although not as expansive as traditional TV campaigns, this partnership provides another channel for delivering LinkedIn video ads to audiences.

These CTV and Premiere ads are initially available to advertisers based in the U.S. and Canada, offering them enhanced opportunities to engage with their target audiences. LinkedIn is also introducing Live Event Ads, enabling advertisers to promote their upcoming LinkedIn events directly within the stream.

The introduction of Live Event Ads aims to address the challenge of raising awareness for LinkedIn events, which often go unnoticed by users unless they are directly connected to the organizers or participants. By leveraging live event promotions, businesses can broaden their audience reach and maximize the impact of their live sessions.

Written by Jordan Bevan


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