iOS 16 adoption reaches 81% ahead of Apple’s iOS 17 introduction

Tech giant Apple has shared new data regarding the adoption of iOS 16, ahead of next week’s WWDC 2023 event where it is set to announce its newest mobile operating system, iOS 17. 

According to the Apple Developer website, while 81% of all devices now use iOS 16, which was first released to the public in September last year, 13% use iOS 15, and the remaining 6% use earlier versions. 

When it comes to the iPhones that were introduced in the last four years, 90% of them use iOS 16, 8% of them use iOS 15, and only 2% of them use older versions.

Image Source: Apple Developer Website

The tech giant has also revealed new statistics on iPadOS 16 adoption. Among all the devices, 71% use iPadOS 16, 20% use iPadOS 15, and the remaining 9% use earlier versions.

Meanwhile, among all the iPads introduced in the last four years, 76% use iPadOS 16, 18% use iPadOS 15, and 9% use previous versions.

The news comes just a few days before Apple’s 2023 Worldwide Developer Conference where it will announce its latest hardware and software updates, including iOS 17, which is expected to bring the ability to sideload apps to European users so that Apple can comply with the Digital Services Act. Since the iOS App Store has 101 million monthly active users in Europe, it will be classified as a very large online platform (VLOP) under the EU rules. 

Earlier this week, the company also announced upcoming tax changes for iOS developers, and said that the App Store ecosystem generated $1.1 trillion in 2022.

Written by Tuna Cetin


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