Google to bring generative AI to its ad business -FT

Tech giant Google is planning to incorporate generative AI into its ad business in the upcoming months to generate ‘’novel’’ advertisements, according to an internal presentation reported by the Financial Times

The presentation revealed that advertisers will be able to provide ‘’creative’’ elements for a specific ad campaign, such as images, videos, as well as text. The artificial intelligence will then blend this content to create ads customized for their target audiences and sales objectives.

Due to concerns over the potential negative impacts of the artificial intelligence, such as disinformation, phishing, and cybercrime, the company is reportedly planning to implement guardrails to make a healthier start with its upcoming AI-powered features, the FT wrote.

Following the massive success of Microsoft-backed and OpenAI-owned ChatGPT, many tech companies are joining the competition to integrate this technology into their products in an effort to get their share of the cake. Meta merged all of its teams working on AI, Snap launched its ChatGPT-powered chatbot, Microsoft launched its ChatGPT-powered Bing and Microsoft Edge on both web and mobile…

In fact, Google has already been using artificial intelligence in its ad business for a while, but the integration of generative AI could enable it to automatically create much more sophisticated ads. 

The company also launched its new AI chatbot ‘’Bard’’ last month, and is now gathering feedback from users. 

Written by Tuna Cetin


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