Gen Z favors Instagram over TikTok for DMs – report

In the dynamic landscape of social media, DMing has emerged as a cornerstone of online communication. A recent survey sheds light on the prevailing trends, revealing intriguing insights into users’ preferences and platform choices.

The survey underscores Instagram’s undisputed dominance in the realm of direct messaging (DMs). Impressively, nearly three-quarters of respondents who engaged in DMs over the past month chose Instagram as their preferred platform. Additionally, over a third identified Instagram as their go-to destination for direct messages.

While TikTok has undoubtedly gained traction, Instagram’s mature offering, honed through years of existence, positions it as the clear winner in the current landscape.

Despite its meteoric rise, TikTok is yet to establish itself as the go-to platform for direct messaging. Only a modest 3.7% of respondents labeled TikTok as their primary platform for DMs. However, nearly half of the respondents have utilized TikTok for direct messaging in the past month, indicating a growing presence in this sphere.

When selecting their preferred direct messaging platform, respondents leaned towards established options such as Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, or Discord, leaving TikTok with room to evolve in the DM domain.

Unsurprisingly, age plays a pivotal role in shaping DM preferences. Snapchat emerges as the second most popular platform for direct messaging among Generation Z. A noteworthy finding reveals that more than 40% of teens (ages 15 to 17) consider Snapchat as their go-to for DMs, a preference not as pronounced among adults in the 18 to 26 age bracket.

Conversely, Facebook Messenger exhibits a reversed trend. Gen Z adults (22.5%) are more likely to designate Facebook Messenger as their go-to, diverging significantly from the preferences of their teenage counterparts (2.6%).

As social platforms continually evolve, these insights into DM preferences provide a glimpse into the nuanced dynamics shaping digital communication. Instagram’s stronghold, TikTok’s evolving role, and age-driven disparities collectively contribute to the ever-changing landscape of social messaging.

Instagram surpasses TikTok not only in DMs but also in brand engagement. According to a recent study, Instagram Reels has outperformed TikTok Clips in brand engagement. 

Written by Sophie Blake


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