ClubLink optimizes Clubhouse links to share on social media

The most popular app of the recent days is undoubtedly Clubhouse. The invite-only social app is available for iOS users for now, which makes people who do not have an invitation or do have an Android device more curious about Clubhouse. 

The audio-based social app makes it also possible to share upcoming events and chats on social media. However, these posts can often lack in detail, as it only includes the person’s username, the time of the event, and the title. A third-party application called ClubLink aims to solve this problem.

ClubLink offers room owners a more customized social media preview that includes room name, attendees, date, time and even the room owners’ profile pictures in order to help room owners to better promote their activities. Created by German entrepreneurs Jens Polomski and Peter Thaleikis, the platform is free of charge.

Here is an example of how ClubLink optimizes preview:

It is also easy to use ClubLink. It is enough to paste the created Clubhouse link to the bar on the main page of ClubLink and ClubLink is created automatically for you. The platform visits the Clubhouse link and takes a screenshot to help create the preview.

It is claimed that no data was stored from Clubhouse during this process.

The tool also renames the image file it generates to include the host name for better discoverability and better search engine optimization. After the connection is created, sharing links for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are also created automatically. Thus, you get the opportunity to share your event in the Clubhouse more effectively.

“We’re taking care that the technical SEO background from the links are as good as possible — and that’s something Clubhouse, right now, didn’t do,” said Jens Polomski.

You can check out ClubLink here

Written by Jordan Bevan


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