Best Android Games: Rescue Cut – Rope Puzzle

Hello everyone, I’m Maya. We continue to examine the most popular Android and iOS apps in detail. Yesterday we talked about Depop, one of the most trending shopping apps for iOS and today, we will introduce you the Rescue Cut game by F.I.L Games. Let’s get started!

Rescue Cut – Rope Puzzle

Rescue Cut is a puzzle game developed by F.I.L Games. It has been available on the Google Play Store since October 2019 and has been downloaded by 50 million Android users.

So what does the Rescue Cut game look like?

In short, this Android game asks you to save the character in the room by cutting the ropes. If you cut the ropes in the wrong order, your character will be killed by a bear or another enemy. If you manage to save your character, you’ll level up and things will get more gun!

Now it’s time to check its Google Play Store rankings.

Google Play Store Rankings of Rescue Cut

Below, you can see Rescue Cut’s top rankings on Google Play Store, for June 10, 2020.

<a href=httpswwwappbraincomapprescue cut rope puzzlecomapprescuecutgoogle play rankings target= blank rel=noreferrer noopener>Source AppBrain<a>

Google Play Ratings of Rope Puzzle

By the time I’m writing this, Rescue Cut game 108,947 app ratings on the Play Store. 

The average rating is 3.8. But we can say that Rescue Cut needs to give an ear to negative comments in order to maintain its success on the Play Store.

Game Requirements

The size of the current version of Rescue Cut (1.1.4) is 47MB, so make sure you have 47MB free storage on your device to download it. It requires Android 4.1 or above.

How To Download Rescue Cut – Rope Puzzle

You can click here to download Rescue Cut, today’s best Android game, from Google Play Store.

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Written by Maya Robertson


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