AppQuantum launches “Core is the King” to fuel hybridcasual game development

In a strategic move to champion the growth of hybridcasual and hypercasual mobile game titles, AppQuantum, a prominent publisher of free-to-play mobile games, has unveiled its latest initiative, “Core is the King.” This program is designed to offer substantial financial backing to selected game developers, with grants potentially exceeding $1 million per recipient.

As the gaming landscape continues to undergo dynamic shifts, hybridcasual games have gained increasing popularity. These games bridge the gap between the fast-paced, quick sessions typical of hypercasual titles and the immersive experiences often associated with core games. This evolving genre has captured the attention of developers looking to explore new horizons and create engaging, innovative games.

The core objective of “Core is the King” is to facilitate this transition for game development studios. The initiative offers not only financial support but also invaluable expertise and resources. AppQuantum’s aims are multi-faceted, including empowering developers to enhance their user acquisition capabilities, reach a broader monetized audience beyond the realm of hypercasual games, and seamlessly integrate casual gaming elements into their projects.

A notable feature of the program is its emphasis on the prototyping phase. Developers are encouraged to focus on a single project and advance it consistently, thereby honing their skills and refining their concepts. “Core is the King” primarily targets development teams with prior experience in the hypercasual or hybridcasual game space. Proficiency in creating low-poly art styles is a valued skill set within this initiative.

Regarding the disbursement of funds, AppQuantum has delineated a structured approach. The most promising studios, equipped with compelling projects, will receive a minimum of $250,000 as part of the initial contract, ensuring that financial support is guaranteed. Upon the successful fulfillment of mutually agreed-upon key performance indicators (KPIs), studios may be eligible for an additional $250,000. Moreover, studios can secure up to $500,000 to invest in their next project, fostering enduring partnerships and innovation in the ever-evolving gaming industry.

“More than two decades ago, casual games provided an accessible niche for small, inexperienced teams. Five to seven years ago, hyper-casual games rose on mobile platforms, offering an even lower entry barrier. However, with today’s oversaturated market, transitioning from concept to hit has become challenging, and both costs and development times have surged,” said Taras Koshelev, AppQuantum program owner.

“Teams in hyper-casual game development now face a decision: either deepen product expertise by creating more intricate games that retain players longer or pivot to other markets or platforms. We’ve designed this program for teams opting for the first approach.”

“Core is the King” signifies an important development in the mobile gaming sector. It offers substantial financial support and catalyzes for game developers to venture into the hybridcasual genre. By encouraging innovation and pushing boundaries, AppQuantum aims to drive the creation of captivating, forward-thinking gaming experiences that resonate with players in the digital age.

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Written by Gizem Yılmaz


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