Apple unveils new options for streaming games and apps providing access to mini programs

Apple, on Thursday, introduced novel options for global app developers, allowing them to deliver diverse in-app experiences, including streaming games and mini-programs. The company said developers can now submit a single app with the capability to stream an entire catalog of games. This update also facilitates improved discovery opportunities for streaming games, mini-apps, mini-games, chatbots, and plug-ins within apps.

Moreover, mini-apps, mini-games, chatbots, and plug-ins can now integrate Apple’s In-App Purchase system to offer users paid digital content or services, such as subscriptions for individual chatbots. Each experience within an app must adhere to the App Store Review Guidelines, maintaining the highest age rating of content included, said the company in a blog post

“The changes Apple is announcing reflect feedback from Apple’s developer community and is consistent with the App Store’s mission to provide a trusted place for users to find apps they love and developers everywhere with new capabilities to grow their businesses. Apps that host this content are responsible for ensuring all the software included in their app meets Apple’s high standards for user experience and safety,” the company said. 

Additionally, Apple introduces over 50 new analytics reports through the App Store Connect 

API, providing developers with enhanced insights into app performance across various metrics, including engagement, commerce, app usage, and frameworks usage. Additional information about reporting details and access will be available to developers in March, Apple said. Developers will grant third-party access to their reports through the API, enhancing collaboration and transparency. 

For apps offering third-party or social login services, developers now also have the option to provide “Sign in with Apple” or an equivalent privacy-focused login service, giving users more choices in managing their privacy preferences. 

Yesterday, Apple also announced its long-awaited plans to allow sideloading for iOS users in the European Union, to comply with the Digital Markets Act. Starting with iOS 17.4, Apple is opening the iPhone to what it calls “alternative app marketplaces” for the first time.

Written by Sophie Blake


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