Apple expands Developer Academy to Bali

Apple has announced the forthcoming opening of Indonesia’s fourth Apple Developer Academy in Bali, signaling its commitment to fostering opportunities for developers, students, and entrepreneurs within the region’s burgeoning iOS app economy.

Since the inauguration of Indonesia’s first Apple Developer Academy in Jakarta in 2018, Apple has progressively established academies in Surabaya and Batam, with over 2,000 aspiring developers completing the program to date. Notably, 90% of these graduates have successfully secured meaningful employment across diverse sectors, including education, e-commerce, transportation, and sustainability, underscoring the academy’s profound impact on professional trajectories.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, extolled the transformative potential of coding skills, emphasizing the company’s investment in nurturing creativity and technical acumen among individuals in Indonesia. With the introduction of the fourth academy in Bali, Apple aims to further cultivate a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, welcoming applicants from diverse backgrounds and skill levels, irrespective of educational qualifications or coding experience.

The comprehensive nine-month curriculum offered by the Apple Developer Academy encompasses essential coding principles alongside specialized areas such as design, marketing, and project management. Empowering students with a versatile skill set, the academy equips them to emerge as adept entrepreneurs and developers capable of driving innovation on a global scale. Notably, the Bali campus will embrace applicants worldwide, fostering cross-cultural exchange and collaboration.

The success of the Apple Developer Academy in Indonesia is underscored by its inclusive and diverse student body, hailing from over 90 cities across the nation and spanning a wide age range from 18 to 50 years old. Each student brings a unique blend of perspectives and experiences to the table, enriching collaborative endeavors and fostering a culture of innovation within the developer community.

Apple highlights the impact of the academy’s graduates on prominent organizations such as Bank Mandiri, Indonesia’s largest bank, where nearly 40% of iOS developers are alumni of the Apple Developer Academy. This testament underscores the academy’s pivotal role in shaping the professional landscape and propelling individuals towards rewarding careers in technology.

Written by Sophie Blake


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