Apple to host developer activities and Vision Pro labs in November

Apple is set to host a series of developer activities and labs in November. The goal is to provide an opportunity for developers to gain insights and hands-on experience, as the company started offering with its “Meet with Apple Experts” initiative in September. The tech giant has been focusing on engaging with its developer community and facilitating the creation of new apps and features.

One of the highlights of this initiative is a variety of activities related to the App Store. Developers will have the chance to learn about app discovery, engagement, custom product pages, and subscription best practices. These insights can be invaluable for app developers looking to improve the visibility and success of their apps.

In addition to App Store activities, Apple is offering Vision Pro labs, where developers can explore the potential of the Vision Pro headset. These labs are designed to help developers design and build apps and games for this innovative device. The Vision Pro headset is a key part of Apple’s augmented reality and virtual reality strategy.

To make these resources accessible to developers worldwide, Apple is hosting sessions in different time zones. Some sessions are conducted online, while others are in-person, offering developers flexibility in how they engage with Apple’s experts.

Developers will also have the opportunity to participate in one-on-one consultations, receiving personalized advice on various aspects of app development, including design and the adoption of new technologies.

By offering these developer activities and labs, Apple is fostering a supportive and collaborative environment, encouraging developers to explore new opportunities, enhance their skills, and create innovative experiences for Apple users. This initiative is part of Apple’s ongoing commitment to its developer community.

Previously, Apple unveiled another innovative feature tailored for app developers across its platforms, offering a deeper understanding of push notification performance, and providing invaluable insights into app engagement and delivery. 

Written by Gizem Yılmaz


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