AdLiven launches AI tool for creating playable ads

Image Source: AdLiven

California-based ad creative platform AdLiven has announced the launch of its new AI Image Generation Tool, the first AI-based tool in the industry that allows mobile marketers, designers and advertisers to create and manage their customized playable ads, as reported by PocketGamer.Biz.

The tool, which leverages a neural network designed to detect particular factors related to playable ads, will let them create an infinite number of customized assets in a variety of styles, formats and resolutions. The ads can be created from an image, text prompt or a pre-made advertisement.

User acquisition has become more challenging in the wake of Apple’s App Tracking Transparency policies, meaning that creating quality advertising is more important than ever before,” said David Carter, Co-founder and Chief Exectuive Officer of AdLiven. “Integrating AI into the AdLiven Playable Platform means it’s quicker, easier, and more cost-effective for advertisers to create and make changes to their playable ads.

The tool will likely be a game-changer in the mobile industry since it will allow creating playable ads using artificial intelligence, while saving AdLiven customers plenty of time and enabling them to focus on the quality of their campaigns instead.

Written by Maya Robertson


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