Adjust and TikTok’s iOS app conversions skyrocket with a 220% jump via SKAN 4

In a collaborative venture between Adjust, a subsidiary of AppLovin, and TikTok, a new report unravels significant insights into the impact of iOS SKAdNetwork (SKAN) campaigns on mobile marketing. The study focuses on the migration to SKAN 4, showcasing a marked reduction in costs per acquisition (CPA) and a substantial surge in conversion rates.

Conducted in beta testing with 37 apps on TikTok across the UK, US, and Japan, the research delves into the implications of SKAN 4’s extended 35-day attribution window for marketers.

The migration to SKAN 4 led to a commendable 37% improvement in TikTok’s overall cost per acquisition. This signifies a noteworthy advancement for mobile app developers aiming to streamline their campaigns amidst the complexities of evolving privacy-centric attribution models.

The report underscores a substantial 220% increase in conversion rates, underscoring SKAN 4’s effectiveness in elevating the overall performance of mobile app campaigns. This surge translates into a more efficient and impactful user acquisition strategy, positioning TikTok as a robust platform for marketers.

The improved metrics not only point to a more cost-effective acquisition but also empower marketers to conduct precise evaluations of campaign effectiveness. This shift is pivotal in a landscape where accurate measurement and optimization strategies are crucial, especially in light of user and data privacy considerations.

Despite lingering hesitancy among mobile app marketers about transitioning to SKAN 4, the report underscores the broader industry shift toward prioritizing user and data privacy. Embracing the functionality of SKAN 4 becomes imperative for growth marketers navigating the evolving iOS landscape.

Additionally, the latest Adjust Growth Score shed light on the performance of apps and app marketing globally. It revealed that in 2022, the number of mobile internet users in the region increased from 700 million in 2015 to an impressive 1.29 billion

Written by Gizem Yılmaz


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