Mobile data traffic expected to triple in Europe by 2028 due to 5G adoption 

In its annual mobile economy report, the GSMA, a telecom industry group representing over 1,000 mobile operators and businesses, envisions a substantial surge in mobile data traffic across Europe by 2028. The primary drivers for this surge include the widespread integration of 5G technology and the ongoing migration toward 4G networks. 

The GSMA predicts a threefold increase in mobile data traffic throughout Europe by 2028. This surge is attributed to the accelerated deployment of 5G networks, which offer enhanced data speeds and capabilities, coupled with the persistent transition to advanced 4G technology.

The report emphasizes the growing interest among 5G subscribers in incorporating high-bandwidth services and content into their mobile contracts. The increasing demand for high-quality gaming, extended reality (XR), and video content plays a pivotal role in driving this trend.

The GSMA anticipates a significant rise in mobile data consumption per smartphone. In Western Europe, monthly data traffic is expected to reach 56 gigabytes (GB) in 2028, a substantial increase from the 20 GB recorded in the previous year. Similarly, in Central and Eastern Europe, monthly data consumption is projected to increase to 37 GB, up from 14 GB in 2022.

To meet the escalating demand for mobile data services, telecom operators are anticipated to continue substantial investments in upgrading their networks. The report suggests that operators could collectively invest over 198 billion euros ($216 billion) by 2030 to enhance and expand their network infrastructure.

Acknowledging the evolving landscape, the GSMA encourages European policymakers to address network investment, consolidation, spectrum harmonization challenges, and the development of equitable infrastructure investment models.

As Europe advances in its mobile connectivity journey, the GSMA underscores the importance of policymakers adapting to dynamic industry dynamics and considering policy changes to support the robust development of telecom infrastructure.

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Written by Gizem Yılmaz


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