X to launch two new premium tiers

Elon Musk has confirmed that X, formerly known as Twitter, is preparing to introduce two new premium subscription tiers, as previously reported and hinted at by code discoveries.

Musk revealed that one of the tiers will be priced below the existing $8 per month plan but will continue to display ads. The second tier, on the other hand, will be a higher-priced option that eliminates all ads. The current premium plan, which pledges to show “half ads” to subscribers, remains unchanged.

Just this week, the company initiated a test run in New Zealand and the Philippines, where new users are charged a $1 annual fee to access the platform. The newly introduced subscription, known as “Not A Bot,” will introduce fees for users engaging in activities like liking, reposting, quoting other users’ posts, and bookmarking content on the web version of the platform. Users who choose not to subscribe will have restricted access, limited to viewing and reading posts, watching videos, and following accounts.

Musk has previously recognized that the platform’s revenue has suffered and attributed it to pressure from activists affecting advertisers. In an effort to generate revenue, Musk introduced an $8 per month subscription service with a blue check and made attempts to entice advertisers back to X by offering discounts.

In a recent interview last month, CEO Linda Yaccarino mentioned that X is making significant progress toward achieving profitability by the year 2024. She said that X boasts approximately 245 million daily active users and witnesses 500 million daily posts.

Written by Sophie Blake


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