Twitch introduces 70/30 revenue split with new Partner Plus program

Image Source: Twitch Blog

Amazon-owned livestreaming platform Twitch introduced its new Partner Plus program on Thursday, which will allow eligible streamers to receive a 70/30 share on net subscription revenue.

In a blog post, the company said streamers who have at least 350 recurring paid subscribers for three months in a row will be automatically enrolled in the program.

Once they join it, they will be able to receive 70% of net subscription revenue of up to $100,000 for twelve months, even if their sub count drops below the minimum requirement during that period.

Eligible streamers will be enrolled in the new Partner Plus program in July, August & September, and will receive a notification from Twitch in October when the program is scheduled to launch.

The move could help the company lure new users since it will offer a more favorable revenue split, something Twitch streamers have long demanded. 

In 2022, Twitch streamers went live for a total of 788 million hours, and viewers watched content for a total of 21 billion hours.

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‘’Our focus has always been on inspiring, growing, and sustaining Twitch streamers all around the world,’’ the company said in its announcement post. ‘’We hope this new program demonstrates that commitment.’’

Written by Tuna Cetin


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