Spotify introduces ‘affordable’ daily and weekly subscription plans in India

Spotify announced today new subscription packages named “Premium Mini”, where users can get a daily or weekly subscription. Packages that are currently only available in India may also be made available in other countries if there is interest from users.

With Premium Mini subscription, users can listen to unlimited ad-free music on one mobile device. 

Spotify’s Premium Mini subscription plan offers users only 30 music downloads. In addition, a user who takes advantage of this plan can experience Spotify’s premium features only through the mobile app. So the web or desktop version is excluded from this subscription plan.

According to the statements made by Spotify, Premium Mini packages can be obtained at very affordable prices. For example, a user who wants a premium subscription for only one day can benefit from this subscription by paying ₹7. A user who wants to open a weekly subscription has to pay ₹25.

Written by Jordan Bevan


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