Russia fines Google, Facebook for not removing banned content

A Russian court announced yesterday that US tech giants Google and Facebook Inc (FBO) have been fined for failing to remove banned content.

So far, the country has fined Facebook 26 million roubles ($353,890) on eight different counts and Alphabet Inc’s Google 6 million roubles ($81,672) on three separate counts. 

The Tagansky District Court said that they found both Facebook and Google guilty of administrative offences.

Meanwhile, Russian watchdog Roskomnadzor has threatened to slow down the internet in the country if Google fails to remove ‘’unlawful content’’. 

Last month, A Russian court also fined Twitter 3.2 million roubles ($43,456.29) and a reportedly 2.6 million roubles ($35,308) fine was imposed on short-video app TikTok over failure to remove banned content. 

Russia to require social networks to open databases on Russian territory 

As reported by Reuters, Roskomnadzor announced on Wednesday that social media companies including Facebook and Twitter will be required to open databases of Russian users on Russian territory by July 1. 

The country is planning to enact a new law to require foreign tech firms to open their offices in the country. 

Written by Maya Robertson


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