Miniclip acquires Supersonic Software and its subsidiary Appynation

Miniclip announced that it has acquired UK-based gaming studio Supersonic Software and its publishing subsidiary Appynation for an undisclosed sum. 

Originally founded as a console game developer by Pete Williamson and Andy Williamson in 1988, Supersonic later pivoted to mobile free-to-play development, being the studio behind successful titles including Picture Cross, Puzzle Page, and World’s Biggest Crossword.  

“Having been independent for so long, joining a new partner is a very big deal for us. We’ve always admired Miniclip and having had the opportunity to get to know them over a period of several years we’re really confident we’ve found the perfect partner for us. We’re excited to start working with Miniclip properly, tapping into their expertise and resources to take our company to the next level.” Pete Williamson, CEO of Supersonic said in a statement. 

The Supersonic deal is the fourth UK studio acquisition of Miniclip and it aims to support its growth in the puzzle genre. Majority-acquired by Tencent in 2015, Miniclip has acquired game developers including Masomo, Ilyon Dynamics, Gamebasics and Eight Pixels Square as well as a strategic investment in Green Horse Games.

Rob Small, Founder and President of Miniclip, said “We have followed the journey of Pete and Andy and the team at Supersonic with great interest and are delighted to both welcome them to Miniclip and to support their growth within the puzzle category. This genre is the natural companion to a number of others in which we operate and we see this as a great opportunity to widen our audience further.“

Written by Sophie Blake


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