OpenSea releases a mobile app, but you can’t buy or sell NFTs on it

OpenSea, one of the most popular NFT marketplaces, has launched its mobile app for iOS and Android. While it is possible to view collections in OpenSea’s mobile app, it is not possible to buy or sell NFTs. 

The OpenSea app basically serves as a kind of gallery. You can browse artworks, share lists you find, and review and manage your own NFTs through the app. In the app, users can integrate their profiles, browse NFTs, favorite NFTs. They can search for NFTs as well as filter and view collection and item statistics. When you view an NFT in the app, there’s also a button that lets you share the NFT outside of the app.

Some attribute the inability to perform NFT trading in OpenSea’s mobile application to the company’s unwillingness to share a 30 percent cut in NFT transactions. Another factor is that OpenSea is a crypto-native platform and still there is no way to make in-app payments with crypto. Whether OpenSea will take action on this issue in the future by building a native solution is already a matter of curiosity.

The launch of mobile apps came just days after a company scandal. Nate Chastain, who was working as Head of Product at OpenSea, was trading NFTs using insider information. Allegedly, Nate Chastain was buying NFTs that are not yet public and that he knew would be on OpenSea’s homepage in the future. OpenSea acknowledged the situation and announced that it had launched an internal investigation.

Written by Sophie Blake


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