Marvel Snap dev Second Dinner raises $100 million Series B

Game development studio Second Dinner, renowned for its digital collectible card game Marvel Snap, has announced a significant milestone with a $100 million Series B funding round led by Griffin Gaming Partners, a venture capital firm which previously funded companies like AppLovin and Discord. 

Founded in 2018 by former Hearthstone developers Ben Brode and Hamilton Chu, Second Dinner has quickly risen to prominence, and Marvel Snap, released in June 2022, has achieved remarkable success, boasting 22 million downloads and generating $200 million in revenue. 

The game’s expansion to Steam in August marked a crucial step, establishing it as a fully cross-platform experience on Android, iOS, macOS, and Steam. 

Assuring players of the game’s continuity, Second Dinner revealed that the recent ByteDance divestment from Nuverse had no impact on Marvel Snap’s operations. The studio plans to utilize the substantial capital infusion to further enhance Marvel Snap and develop undisclosed new titles. 

Co-founder and Chief Development Officer Ben Brode expressed gratitude for the global player support and excitement about the ongoing evolution of Marvel Snap. CEO Hamilton Chu emphasized that the investment not only strengthens their capabilities but also reinforces their dedication to creating exceptionally enjoyable games. He added a playful note, stating that the investment also buys a lot of boba, adding a lighthearted touch to the studio’s ambitious endeavors.

“This investment not only boosts our capacity and gives us capital to jump on any great opportunities that might come our way, but most importantly, solidifies our commitment to making the most fun games ever! It also buys a lot of boba. So that’s a plus,” Chu said.

Written by Maya Robertson


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