Google Play introduces new tool to prompt users to latest app versions

Google Play today announced a new tool that will prompt users who have been stuck on outdated app versions to the latest app versions. 

Google Play has already helped users to use the latest version of apps and games through auto-updates or in-app updates. With the new tool, developers will be able to prompt users running an outdated or broken version of apps to update every time they restart the app. 

Developers can use the new feature by accessing the Google Play Console. Navigating to either their Releases or the App Bundle Explorer page, developers gain the capability to pinpoint specific app versions for prompt delivery. Alternatively, this functionality extends to the Play Developer API, offering a convenient avenue for developers to trigger prompts. 

Upon the next app launch by the targeted users, a full-screen prompt will appear, indicating the necessity for an update. Users are given the option to either update or dismiss the prompt. Opting for dismissal results in encountering the dialog with each cold restart of the app. Conversely, upon acceptance, the app undergoes an update to the latest available compatible version.

Google anticipates expanding the new feature to enable developers to simultaneously target multiple app versions. The company underscores that the version developers wish to deploy the prompt to must be constructed as an app bundle.

Developers then have the flexibility to narrow their targeting criteria by country or Android version without the need for prior integration. 

“Currently, over 50% of users are responding to the prompts, enabling more users to get the best experience of your apps,” Google said in a blog post explaining the new tool. 

Once users have been prompted to update, developers can utilize Play Console’s recovery tools to modify their update configuration, monitor its progress, or entirely cancel the recovery action.

You can learn more about the implementation of the new tool here

Written by Maya Robertson


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