Google pays Apple a 36% cut of search ad revenue through Safari

Image Source: Reuters

As the Justice Department’s antitrust trial against Google continues, revelations about the secretive agreement between Google and Apple regarding Safari’s default search engine are coming to light. According to information disclosed during the trial, reported by Bloomberg, by University of Chicago professor Kevin Murphy, Google provides Apple with a 36% share of the search advertising revenue generated through Safari.

The financial arrangement between Google and Apple has become a focal point in the Department of Justice’s antitrust case against Google. The iPhone’s dominant position in the US smartphone market has made Apple a key player, with Google reportedly paying over $20 billion annually to secure its position as the default search engine on Safari.

The core argument against Google revolves around the allegation that by paying Apple to maintain its default status, competing search engines face insurmountable challenges, preventing fair competition in the market. Critics argue that Google’s financial incentives to Apple stifle any potential competition in the search engine space.

This financial arrangement has significant implications for both companies. For Google, it ensures its search engine remains the default choice for millions of Apple device users, reinforcing its market dominance. On the other hand, the deal represents a lucrative revenue stream for Apple, reportedly making up more than 10% of its annual profits.

However, the deal has also placed Apple in a somewhat precarious position. While financially beneficial, it requires the tech giant to defend a partnership with Google, a company often criticized for its privacy practices. The antitrust trial continues to shed light on the intricate relationships and financial agreements within the tech industry, raising questions about competition, market fairness, and consumer choice.

It was recently revealed through the ongoing antitrust case that Google once asked Apple to pre-install Google Search on iPhones

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