Facebook launches Bulletin, its Substack newsletter rival

Mark Zuckerberg unveiled Facebook’s newest standalone product called Bulletin, that allows writers to publish free and paid articles and podcasts. Bulletin is “focused on empowering independent writers, helping them reach new audiences and power their businesses,” Facebook CEO said in a live audio call. 

Facebook said it will not take a cut of Bulletin creators’ revenue “at launch” and that creators will be able to choose their own subscription price. 

The company has launched the platform with a number of high profile personalities and writers, including Malcolm Gladwell, Mitch Albom, Erin Andrews, and Tan France. However, Facebook isn’t accepting signups for Bulletin yet.

“A bunch of local newsletter writers will also be joining Bulletin”, Zuckerberg said. “Part of what I think we can try to do here is try to make a real investment in local news,” he added.

“What sets Bulletin apart is the integration with Facebook pages that enables you to post in a number of different ways in Facebook’s News Feed,” Zuckerberg said. The free and paid newsletters  be posted to the web, sent to subscribers’ inboxes, and shared across Facebook. 

Bulletin will also include features that complement other new Facebook creator products, such as podcasts and live audio, and make it easier for viewers to subscribe to and discover their newsletters.

Written by Jordan Bevan


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