Consumer spend in subscription apps grew 35% on iOS, 24% on Android

A new report from AppsFlyer and Liftoff has revealed that when comparing the first four months of 2022 and 2023, total consumer spend in subscription-based apps increased by 35% on iOS and 24% on Android, despite various challenges the mobile ecosystem is facing. At the same time, install to subscription conversion rates also grew by 15% and 20% on iOS and Android respectively.

According to ‘’The state of app marketing for subscription apps’’ report, as more and more marketers are cutting and reallocating their budgets amidst the global economic downturn, in-app install ad spend for subscription apps decreased by 41% on Android and 30% on iOS.

However, since more marketers are now focusing on boosting customer loyalty rather than acquiring new users, there was also a 48% growth in media re-engagements, the companies said.

Majority of apps that offer subscriptions are games

The report also revealed that out of all the apps that offer subscriptions, games account for 29% of the total. However, when compared to non-gaming apps, their share of revenue derived from subscriptions is still remarkably lower. 

The Gaming category was followed by Utility & Productivity, Health & Fitness, and Entertainment at 13.10%, 10.80%, and 7.40% respectively.

Image Source: AppsFlyer & Liftoff

Nearly half of iOS users opt in ATT

The report, which suggests that iOS users are more likely to pay for app subscriptions, also found that almost half of ATT prompts displayed in subscription apps are leading to consent. 

The rate even goes up to 50% in certain categories, such as Utility & Productivity (59%), Photo & Video (52%), and Gaming (51%).

Image Source: AppsFlyer & Liftoff

You can check out AppsFlyer and Liftoff’s latest report to find out more information about the state of app marketing for subscription apps.

According to another recent report from AppsFlyer, global app install ad spend is expected to hit $94.9B in 2025.

Written by Tuna Cetin


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